Gift Guide: For the Men / by Kate Brightbill

'Tis the season: gift guide time!! 

We all have different tastes and styles, so I've asked some of my favorite friends on the internet to help with gift guides this year, so I can mix things up and give you variety! I'm starting with gifts for the MEN in our lives. They often are the trickiest so they get the shaft on gift guiding, so I'm flipping everything and showing our picks for men FIRST! Enjoy!


Who are the people making such fabulous picks, you ask? Let me tell you:


Erin Austen Abbott: Owner of my favorite online shop Amelia, mama to Tom Otis {more about Erin HERE}. Follow @ameliapresents

Brittany Bishop: Blogger at Life of Charmings, mama to Maddalena. Follow @beebeebishop

Erin Taylor: My cousin, friend, owner of Bustle Events, blogger at Pocket Stylist {more about Erin HERE}. Follow @bustledesigns