Game Changers: 001 / by Kate Brightbill

I'm going to start posting about game-changers.  

What? Yes, game-changers. You know.. those items you think are just eh, I'll get this... and then you love them better than you ever thought possible? I've been thinking about a few of these lately, so hey, why not blog 'em? I have two for your Monday...



1. BKR Water Bottle: Lucky me! I was at Sprout San Francisco the other day (psss. GREAT children's store in the city, and I'm not just saying it!), grilling the employees on their products like I usually do, and the subject of the BKR bottles came up. They had just decided to start selling them, happened to have a sample, and happened to hand it to me (!!!) because they had it on hand. Why yes, I will.  

What makes it a game-changer, you ask? Let me share: I have been aiming for 8 glasses of water per day (it makes you healthier! hydrate! everyone says), and this is my pretty reminder... just four bottles full so it's super-easy to keep track. We also have a personal space issue around here, as any home with young children does, and I have declared this particular part of my life my own, entirely. Mommy's water. No more backwash here. 

Also- it's my favorite shade of pink. They come in every shade imaginable and I got my first choice by chance. Amazing, I tell you. Shout-out to Sprout. xoxo forever.


2. Big-O Key Ring: No one should lose their keys as much as I do. My sister told me that before having children, she wondered how it was possible that one could misplace their keys as much as I. It wasn't long-term loss, but more a total toss into one bag or another, or my deep purse, or really... anywhere. There have been one or two instances that my children have taken them and tossed them in a garbage or down the bottom edges of a portable crib {truth!}, but generally it's my own doing. 

I haven't lost my keys in three weeks. I feel like this statement doesn't sound as dramatic as it should. I mean, I have not even slightly misplaced them. Why? This new key ring that is bright red in the prettiest way, that is big, but not heavy, that catches my eye every time. My new favorite gift for a new mother! Or actually any friend who has a reason to get a gift! It's brilliance in the shape of a simple O. 

Basically it fits in a bag easily, and can be found in seconds. Why didn't I think of this?


There you have it. Two reasons I'm grateful, even though it's Monday. 



I was not compensated for this post. I received a key ring for review and only wrote about it because I absolutely LOVE it. 

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