Throwback Thursday / by Kate Brightbill

Thursday already? The week is flying, and I'm having my sixth day with this pesky cold lingering. I had an afternoon of feeling absolutely healthy on Tuesday, so I cleaned my home to perfection, and then woke Wednesday feeling sick again. Serves me right. I get "in trouble" every time I'm sick for not really taking care of myself. It's too hard to just sit still! 

ANYWAY, because this week is basically over, and thoroughly uneventful, not to mention- not very stylish- I'm just going to take advantage of Throwback Thursday with this gem-of-a-memorable-trip:

photo 3.JPG

We used to travel a LOT. Sophie went to about 13 states before she turned two, and this trip was a favorite. Brian had business trips to NYC two years in a row (I wish that was an annual thing still!) and Sophie and I joined him. 

It was perfection. We stayed for two nights down by Wall Street where he had meetings. Sophie and I had a breakfast bagel date (NYC has way better bagels than us), and walked around the business district one of the days, and adventured to Soho in the rain the other day. Brian and I got to spend the next couple days together up near central park... exploring and shopping.

I'm a pretty independent traveler. I love cities, and I love pretending it's my life to live in wherever it is that I'm visiting. I like searching for spots locals love.  I have this weird aversion to ultra-hyped places, and I think it's because I want to find the next best thing myself... like, I didn't go to Bi-Rite (in SF) for ice cream for years because I thought "eh, how good can it really be? Everyone just goes there because it's hyped"... and I was totally dead wrong because it actually IS that good. I can admit this is a weird thing about me, but hey- today can be true confessions Thursday too.

NYC and Boston have been my favorite cities ever to visit, but Chicago didn't get a fair shake because I was last there in 1st grade. 

I don't like the act of getting to a destination with toddlers, but I love having a toddler AT said destination. From all of our travel when Sophie was a toddler, I had enough bad flights to decide I would do my best to stay off planes until Maggie is 3 years old. One day I'll tell you about epic flights alone with a baby. 

I have about a million pictures from that week three years ago, but no one wants to look through a million pictures, so here are a handful for ya! Back tomorrow! xo

photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG

 Ps. Mini Sophie looks a whole lot like Maggie, in my opinion. ;)