Loving & Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  ABarCartinBrooklyn

I'm wanting some pink cocktail napkins and pretty paper coasters for the holidays after seeing this picture. Girly-holiday-chic, I'll call it.

 {ps. Notice I skipped almost all posts pertaining to Halloween and went straight for the holidays? I'm at a creative loss and haven't yet decided on any costumes for my children. T minus five days!}

About kids + explaining loss.. with an ever so authentic tone and humor. 

Fall is for hats! Currently wish-listing this one and this one.  

I always have trouble figuring out what to eat when Brian is out in the evenings, and next time I'm definitely trying this. I may try it before then too.  

Great thoughts on marriage- it's not easy for anyone, but there are ways to strive for healthy relationships {so many sweet date ideas on their blog as well!}.

The perfect winter jacket for a little girl {currently 30% off!}. 

The best post of the week- Danielle on "things that I don't like that everyone else seems to like." {I'm SO not with her on the cookie butter, as we all know. For me? Wine. I know, what's wrong with me? the best wineries an hour drive and I don't prefer any of them}. 

Seriously? A year of Honest Bundles and $1500 to Land of Nod. I entered. So should you. ;) 

Someone else did all the research to try different DIY play dough, and here is the winning recipe. I will try this.

I won't be trying it this weekend though. This weekend is for sunshine and a mini vacation. YES. Signing off. Happy Weekend to all and to all a good night.