Wean Green and Ramblings / by Kate Brightbill


Have I mentioned I'm not that into plastic? I'm not intense about it (we definitely have plenty of well-loved toys that are plastic!), but when I was writing regular blog posts for The Honest Company, I learned a lot about toxins and how to prevent using them regularly in our home. I was also able to learn about new brands that are affordable and make pretty products... and even if plastic is cheaper, I'd rather invest in a few sturdy products that are safer. My motto is that the less we have in our home, the more we use the things we have. It kind of works across the board for us- in our wardrobes, our groceries, and in dishes.  

The favorite products for us right now are by Wean Green. They create tempered glass dishes that are 5x stronger than a basic glass, and they are PERFECT for taking on our city adventures. We always have snacks handy. The lids snap and don't fall off, thankfully (anyone else had situations in their diaper bags with lids falling off containers? Ack!).

Is it weird that I think these would be kind of perfect to add to Christmas stockings? I'm the type of mom that gives their kids practical things in their stockings... don't judge. My girls have thus far loved finding new silverware and socks in their stockings, so if practicality works, by all means! Or you can just get them next time you're due for new kids' dishes. I'm getting the square lunch version next. Maybe for Sophie's 5th birthday? HA, I'm kidding. We do get our kids toys too, sometimes. ;) 


In other news, today we stayed home for the first time in about two weeks straight. I thought it would be this amazing, welcome change in pace... it was good, but gosh, I was getting stir crazy. Am I suddenly one of those people that needs to be out and about every single day? This will not bode well for rainy season that's coming right up. Speaking of rainy season: Sophie said she likes it best. "Really?" we said, "Yes!! Umbrellas and puddles!" Of course. Rain. 

Really though, I thought I was up for an endless Indian summer around here, but it got a bit chilly today... and I liked it.  I bought apple cider from Trader Joe's tonight and it was perfectly crisp and so right. I also bought leeks and pancetta from Trader Joe's. Who knew they go amazingly together (sautee them with garlic, salt, pepper for the perfect side dish)? Sophie and I were raving. Those samples get us every time, seriously. Also of note: the line at TJ's tonight was insanity. Longest everrrr. Sophie said we might never get through it, and I agreed... but we did get through it and we did get our leeks and pancetta and cider and other crucial things, and we're home and cozy now. As it should be. 

Happy Monday, friends. We made it!! 



ps. Wean Green products were provided generously for review. All opinions are our own, 100%.