Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Little Goodall

Photo via Little Goodall

Adorable. So, so adorable.

Thoughts on Gwyneth's celebrity and privacy. I think she makes some great points.

Better ponytails here (I need a little upgrade on my ponytail front, so I'm totally a fan of this). 

Oooh, the best leggings went on sale.  I particularly love the green. 

Dresses for everyday

Yummmmm.... baked, not fried! 

Are we already talking 2014? I'm up for it if it involves calendars this cute (and this free!).

OH, are you using Lil Stylers? TechCrunch highlighted it this week (my kiddos are on there! Proud mama here...)

Why is it that food in mini forms are so appealing to me? Anyone else want to make all these things in individual dishes because it's just that much cuter?  

Maybe you've seen this map of popular names already, but Brian and I LOVED it. Those little Sophias started popping up everywhere after we named Sophie...  


I hope you all have had as good a weekend as we have. I was basically spoiled by Brian all weekend as if it was still my birthday. I also got to take advantage of all the freebies for having a birthday this month (sugary Starbucks drink? YES, I will) I love Octobers so much. 

More manana. xo.