Cupcakes! / by Kate Brightbill


SO much to say, so little time. I've been home only about a total of five daylight hours this week... okay, okay, I exaggerate a little. Seriously though, I've had so much fun this week, and I want to share a few pics from the good time I had last night.  

There's a place in Seattle called Trophy Cupcakes, and the amazing owner of the business recently wrote the most beautiful book! She came to San Francisco to teach us tips on decorating cupcakes (I have a LONG way to go on my skills... notice that I didn't include pics of my own cupcakes, haha!). I got to go on my own without anyone to watch, which was a welcome mini break in itself, and I enjoyed it even more than expected! I love hearing back stories from real life success in starting businesses, and Jennifer is a delightful lady. I actually never ever buy cookbooks because I don't use them, but I want this one. I'll be dreaming of that buttermilk frosting... 


As I said, so little time! We're headed to the rodeo, yeehaw! Happy Friday! I'll hopefully get a chance to post this weekend and share everything else!!