Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Glitter Guide

Photo via Glitter Guide

I'm liking this look. I just got similar black boots, so it may become my fall uniform.

This could not have been written any more beautifully. 

I love pot pies

The real story behind how Twitter was created... this is crazy interesting to me.  

How adorable are these barrettes?? 

Ohhh, burrito bowls at home? YES. 

Also, yum.

(this post is pretty recipe-heavy. I must be hungry! ;) 

My Sophie has begun her birthday wishlist and up first? A bowling set. How cute is that? We'll probably go with a softer one, but this one is adorable.

Tons of great Halloween costumes popping up all over the internet... loving THIS

These masks are fun too... and simple!  

Sooo, did you catch these mini fashion icons? Love our little Grace Coddington. Also see her last year as a snail (it's already been a year!?).

Happy weekend!