Troublemaker Twos / by Kate Brightbill

All is quiet in my home except faint music playing in the girls' bedroom to soothe them to sleep.  

It feels oh so good. I'm wearing my coziest sweatpants and softest tee and it's one of those "moments." You know them... the ones where all feels exactly as it should. The ones where you feel accomplished and wiped out, but satisfied.  

Two years old. They aren't called the terrible two's for nothing, though I deem that phrase a bit harsh for these angelic, hopeful, emotional two-year-old faces that have looked up at me with big, blue, full eyes.  

Two means emotions cannot yet be articulated, but they are felt and otherwise expressed to the fullest. Two means pitter-pattering footsteps that run everywhere, and walk nowhere. It means a lot of spilled milk and a lot of stained clothing.   

The word "no" plays a big part in two-years-old. The stomping of feet, the boneless collapses, and uncontrollable tears are learned.  

The first time I went through the second year, I cried endless tears and threw my hands up in hopelessness on more than one occasion. I thought my child was simply going to be a bad kid, because she didn't mind any disciplines or any of my words. When I look at her at four-years-old, I now see that "this too {this unnerving stage of two} shall pass." My child is not forever going to test my consistency on discipline. 

If I wish away two-years-old, with all its tantrums and patience testing, I will find myself longing for this.  

Longing for the unabashed displays of affection and showers of love. For the twinkly eyes of mischief and feet that run and explore and grow way too fast. For the tears that express exactly how my darling feels without reservation. For the moments that a kiss can make the whole world feel better. For the charming way they say nanananana rather than banana.  

When all is quiet, it feels good. Peaceful moments are rare and treasured these days. This moment feels right.

I'll take these moments and savor them once in awhile.... but most of the time, I'll take two. I'll take two with all its highs and all its lows. With its full heart and unwavering trust and all its love.

so many xoxo's to my girls.