Favorite Fall Accessories / by Kate Brightbill


Tights ||  Necklace || Baggu

Headband  || Tights || Barrette

Scarf || Gloves || Bracelets

I like to show my new favorite accessories a lot. There are so many good ones out there, and they generally don't break the bank like new wardrobes, so I'm a big fan. I'm particularly loving the yellow barrette these days. Zuzii makes such cute things.

In other news, last night I stopped taking NyQuill because I was feeling much better, but I couldn't sleep! I had convinced myself that in three days I must have become addicted (I hardly EVER take medicine because of paranoia!) and now I'll never sleep well again, when Brian said jokingly to me "hey Kate, did you give us caffeinated coffee?" 

Every night when the kids fall asleep, we make some decaf. It's our substitution for dessert. We always always make decaf, until last night. When he asked, I knew in that instant that, yes, I had subconsciously made caffeinated coffee. Dun dun duuuunnn.

A lot of tossing and turning, and many minutes later, we fell into a deep sleep. I didn't look at a clock after midnight because it would have totally stressed me out. ;)

Thankfully, Maggie decided to let us sleep until 7:30, and we woke feeling refreshed-ish and, obviously, I'll be teased for awhile. 

Ohhh Tuesday.