diy: Pretty Little Bows / by Katie Brightbill


My Maggie is turning one next weekend, so I spent this weekend prepping for her party (and getting super sentimental... ONE already?). It's a girly fiesta, so I figured out how to make festive little bows for the little guests' favors. I'd always wondered if they were easy to make, and the cost of buying them motivated me to look into making my own! :) 


  • Felt rectangles the size of a sheet of paper (they're like 30 cents at a fabric store- big spender!)
  • Hot glue gun & plenty of glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Cute ribbon. Mine is actually gold glitter tape from Paper Source

1. Fold the felt in half both ways.

2. Unfold it and cut an inch wide or so to the crease on the width side.

3. Your strip should be about 1 inchX4.5 inch.

4. Use your hot glue gun to make two stripes in the middle of the felt strip.

5. Fold in one side toward the center.

6. Fold the other side toward the other (do these steps quickly because the glue dries so fast).

7. Pinch the middle with your fingers to shape it.

8. Cut the ribbon or glitter tape to wrap it around the center.

9. Glue the ribbon on the back and you have yourself a pretty little bow!

Now hot glue it to a hairclip or headband, tape it to beautify a birthday present, or string it and make some garland... the possibilities are endless! Once I successfully made one (in about 3 minutes flat, mind you), I went a little bow crazy. Big, small, glitter center, felt center... kinnnnd of addicting!

See? When I'm motivated, I really can be crafty. You can too!