StyleSmaller is a lifestyle blog created by me. I share daily about mini style, life, inspirations, home, and the occasional how-to. I'm a Jesus-loving, stay-at-home mom without a car in San Francisco, so glimpses of the city and little foodie tips also sometimes come up. The site was officially launched August 2012... I'm a little late to the blogging game, but glad to have a place to share my thoughts and inspirations. Now that I've begun, I'm not sure why I didn't start this much earlier! I have a sassy and charming little 4-year-old named Sophie, and a 1.5-year old named Maggie, who seriously laughs more than anyone I've ever known.  HERE  is a little profile post if you'd like to see more about me.

Hi, my name is Kate.

StyleSmaller is a lifestyle blog created in August 2012. I live in San Francisco with my husband, our sweet baby Jack, and our two little girls- Sophie & Maggie- whose mini style inspired the creation of the blog. StyleSmaller was created as a blog for kids' everyday style, but I'm hardly capable of posting without writing essays to go along with everything, and my little subjects have opinions of their own about their fashion choices and whether or not they want to be photographed at any given moment.

Now this is my lifestyle blog; it's all about the places we go, the things we do, the looks we love, the people we meet, and the thoughts we think. It's about our faith in Jesus, it's about lessons we learn, it's bits and pieces of our little life puzzle... It's about bright spots in motherhood, and lovely moments we share. It's about a little of everything. So glad you've found us here.

  • HERE is a list of contributions I've made around the Internet! So much fun working with other bloggers and brands.
  • HERE is a little profile post if you'd like to see more. Contact me directly:  

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