StyleSmaller is a lifestyle blog created by me. I share daily about mini style, life, inspirations, home, and the occasional how-to. I'm a Jesus-loving, stay-at-home mom without a car in San Francisco, so glimpses of the city and little foodie tips also sometimes come up. The site was officially launched August 2012... I'm a little late to the blogging game, but glad to have a place to share my thoughts and inspirations. Now that I've begun, I'm not sure why I didn't start this much earlier! I have a sassy and charming little 4-year-old named Sophie, and a 1.5-year old named Maggie, who seriously laughs more than anyone I've ever known.  HERE  is a little profile post if you'd like to see more about me.

Hi, my name is Kate.

StyleSmaller is a lifestyle blog created in August 2012, which has become a space to share my thoughts, our favorite styles, home spaces, and all the corners of our beloved San Francisco. 

I also create social media content for small brands {on a monthly basis, or as a one-time package}.

Please feel free to contact me for rates:

photo by Tenley Clark photography